What's cookin'

We serve small portions of tapas-like food for lunch, aperitivo or dinner. Piccolo moments, piccolo bites. Sweet or savoury, small or big, always made to order with ripe ingredients and fresh love. True Italian style, we don’t have a permanent menu, but look at the seasons and decide what we are in the mood for next. At the bottom of our page you see an example food menu.

What's brewin'

Nothing beats a proper drink. Feel it warming your body or cooling your mind. At the bottom of our page you see our full drinks menu.


Produced, harvested and prepared with care. Our loose leaf tea swims in a pot of water to release the full flavour. Where possible our teas are organic and directly traded with the farmer to ensure they get a fair price.


Explore with us the endless ways of brewing coffee; espresso the Italian way, a silky cappuccino, pour-over filter, and if your favourite concoction is not on the menu, just ask! Our house beans are organic, locally roasted and with a fair price for the farmer.


If you are in the mood for a juicy combo of fruit and vegetables or a smooth blend of seasonal fruits and yoghurt, our cold drinks are made fresh on demand and as organic as possible to refresh even the gloomiest of souls.


Good wine doesn't need to come from far. So with some of the world’s best wine regions in Europe, we've selected special bottles from wineries that care for their grapes and care for their wine.


Explore with us a diverse range of craft beers brewed by micro-breweries from our own country and our closest neighbours - where the batches are small and the attention to flavour is big.


We have a small selection of our favourite cocktails so we have the time to source the right ingredients, prepare with love and serve with a twist. And of course we have the Italian aperitivo favourite: the Spritz.